Sunday, February 11, 2007

Korea Garden - Podcast

Sushi in a Korean place. Hmmm.

Location:6519 N. Lamar, Austin, TX
Phone: 512-302-3149
Hours: Mon-Thu 11a-10p, Sat-Sun 12p-10p

Join The Wunderfool and The SpyMan for an audio review of the Korea Garden. Pay no mind to the fact that these two buffoons keep calling it "the Korean Grill" despite having a photo of the place and other documentation available to them with the name clearly displayed as the Korea Garden.


kelly said...

wow- been furniture shopping ourselves lately-- forgot about IKEA as a possibility... thanks for the reminder ( been stuck on Rooms To Go site with no inspiration forthcoming)

was this THE korean place we've all been on Pins and Needles to hear about?

Brad Whittington said...

Nope, not THE Korean place. Haven't made it there, yet.

kelly said...

never tire of the stuff, eh?

Maybe you could become the authority on local Korean joints . . . knees would knock and cooks would tremble when you darken the door . . . only the best would be set before you... your reputation would precede itself...oh, wait, then again, perhaps you should just remain under the radar there, Ace.


Brad Whittington said...

Low profile is my middle name.