Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fry's Electronics

Your destination for geek cuisine


Not a place you expect to eat. More a place where you would buy this. (Not an aerial photo of downtown. It's a shot of a row of motherboards.)

And one of the few places where a sign like this is necessary.

We were looking for a small jam box for The Woman's office and found the selection surprisingly slim. However, they were not hurting for high-end coffee/espresso machines. And they did have a nice collection of designer toasters.

And I found Spaceballs playing on this refrigerator.

What I didn't know is that there seems to be a rage in red appliances. They popped up with such regularity that I began running through the aisles, snapping pictures with my Rokr. I guess the coffee machines made me jumpy. Some of the pics are a bit fuzzy, but we have, in order: toaster, iron, George Foreman grill, coffee grinder, washer/dryer, double-wide toaster, hand vac, quesadilla maker beside margarita machine, rice cooker, deep fryer, mixer, hand mixer, upright vac, Roomba, food processors. On the next visit to The Good Daughter, I discovered she's had red appliances for eons. Just shows how much I pay attention.

But what about the food? They had stuff like sandwiches, pasta, salads and an ice cream freezer. Also a wide selection of bottled drinks in addition to the fountain drinks. I got the ceasar chicken wrap. The Woman got the (not so) hot pastrami.

The verdict: While it's not food you would necessarily drive across town for, or even walk across the street for, it's decent grub. Much better than expected for an electronics store. If you find yourself in Fry's and hungry, you can go considerably worse than making a stop at the cafe. And it's an excellent place for geek watching.

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