Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fredericksburg - Part 3: Hondo's on Main - Podcast

Get on in here!


Read the account of our first visit to Hondo's below. Then listen to the group podcast recorded live inside Hondo's on our second visit.

Our initial attraction to Hondo's was the live music, particularly porterdavis, the only non-country option available to us that Friday night. I snagged a table near the stage while The Woman retrieved some beverages and chips and queso. As I perused the menu, I realized we had missed out on a treat and would be returning to FBurg as soon as the schedule would permit.

The burgers are donut burgers: "One-half pound of thick juicy Certified Angus Beef, formed into a donut, and grilled on our open flame mesquite wood grill. Served on a toasted sourdough bun with crisp shredded lettuce, a slice of tomato, red onions, pickles, and our mustard-mayonnaise mix on the side. We use egg as a binder in all our burgers, just like Mom." It is available in multiple variations: Bacon Cheddar, Chili Cheese, BBQ Bacon, TexMex, Lip Burning ("Spicy chipotle chilies and green onions mixed in, topped with roasted green chilies. Slightly dangerous.") and Death ("Lip Burnin topped with a layer of chopped fresh jalapeno chilies. Really, really dangerous.")

That's just the burgers. Check the menu for details, but here are some nice-sounding options:

  • Sandwiches: Hot Chick, Reuben Gone South Sandwich
  • A series of Good Ol Boy Sandwiches (Hondo's variation of the Po-Boy)
  • A variety of stacked enchilada's including steak
  • Salads: Baked Goat Cheese, Slob Cobb, Supa Chalupa
  • Nacho Construction Kit: build it yourself at your table
  • The Mayor's Moonlight Menu: 7 items for carnivores that might even convert vegans

You might be wondering, Who is this Hondo guy? His bio can solve that little puzzle for you. Fans of Texas songwriters know him as the mayor of Luckenbach, as popularized by the Waylon song. Here are some details from the bio:

In 1971 he bought Luckenbach, a small community established as an Indian trading post by German immigrant Albert Luckenbach in 1849. There Crouch presided as mayor over a population of three plus a single parking meter. As "clown prince" he brought to life the town's motto, "Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach."

We only made it inside to order, but it looks cool in there, too. We spent our time outside, soaking up the jams from porterdavis. Following the rule in Texas, they were still setting up when we got there a little after the posted starting time. I chatted them up a bit and during the break Simon Wallace, the awarding-winning harp player from the UK, visited with us at the table for 20 minutes or so. All the guys were 'just folks' and the gig was a great experience, families all around, 2-year-old kids dancing in front of the stage. (I snagged the gazebo picture above from the porterdavis website. Then I remembered Simon was running around with a camera, so I looked closer and sure enough, there are The Woman and The Wunderfool down in front.)

We picked up a CD at the gig and it became the soundtrack for our weekend. Since then I've caught them at Lambert's a few times and bought a few more CDs to pass around. If you don't have one, yet, check their website. You can hear a few tunes and buy it there. "Penny Candy" is highly addictive. It's got the perfect hook: something original that sounds so simple you'd swear you've heard it before, but with a groove that makes you hit the button to hear it again. Wish I could understand the lyrics. Who knows what I'm listening to! (Could be like the time I fell in love with a moving, soulful Springsteen tune, only to discover months later that it was a shockingly explicit story about a hooker. Or not.) Next time I see them, I'll try to remember to ask about the lyrics. In the meantime, I'm jamming out. Get you some now. Highly recommended.

Join Ian, The Wunderfool, The Woman and The Yankees on a return visit to Hondo's for a post-prandial chat about Hondo's and Fredericksburg, recorded in the Hondo's dining room.

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