Sunday, October 14, 2007

El Sol y La Luna - Podcast


SpyMan and the Wunderfool hit a SoCo icon for breakfast and lunch. Top notch TexMex with a South Congress twist.

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Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Brad,

I think it's well established that i'm an idiot. Only a reminder. Not that you necessarily need reminding, but I do. Because I'm an idiot.

After spending 20 minutes sifting through the 6500 emails i have in my inbox, I decided to delete all of them and start afresh, which, with the letter A at the beginning of the word fresh, might suggest "without fresh" to the Greek minded (don't hold me to this), I really do mean super fresh, as in I gave my inbox a bath with soap. Water, however, was not used. This being on a computer and everything. God! This is bad writing. So out of practice. Plus I'm not editing myself. That would take too long. Also, I couldn't mail this to you from my inbox, even with your email address. So I'm posting it in your Eating Fred (poor Fred) blog. Forgive me *humble tone*

Ok. Let's begin again, shall we? Afresh even ...

I got your email with the link to the podcasts of me sounding like a virgin with a lisp, and I gotta say it was really cruel of you to remind me just how God-awfully goofy my voice is. Really put me in my place. Just when I'd gotten comfortable with this fiction of being the center of the universe because my bedroom is small and i never leave it except for trips to the bathroom (most of the time) and refrigerator raids.

If you've sent anything apart from the podcast link (this is where the "I'm an idiot" part comes in again) I couldn't find it. I thought you would be sending me links to your story drafts, pics of your vacation at Disneyland on Gay-Day, and the schematics for remodeling your cigar box. Or were those last two just wishful thinking on my part? But seriously, or not seriously, I actually do wanna read your drafts and pretend I understand them and comment on them like some overpaid movie critic whose real motive is to tell the rest of us how insightful he is and that real morality isn't about right and wrong but about compassion at the expense of all else and tolerating every conceivable evil under the sun and some others we haven't considered and ... oops. Got on a tangent there.

So let the words pour in, let me bathe in the warmth of your prose, bask (sp?) in the waters of ... something's backwards somewhere ... your funninesses. Send me tales already. I need a break from this damn video game. My fingers are cramping from the repetitive button mashing.

-- Me (or that doofus or "oh, HIM!?!" *mournful, somewhat resignative, oh-so-slow nod that hints ever so slightly of pity and resolve (there's a word for all that, what? what?)

P.S. You're not getting rid of me that easily. I've got more. (God save us all!)

P.P.S. ummm, that was nearly naughty, and an alliteration /gasp check out Red Eye, Fox's crazy news panel show that airs round 3 am. OR ... go to and type in "best of red eye 2008" or something like that. No, wait. Exactly like that. You'll either be incredibly amused or considerably upset. Yes, it's that kind of humor, in my (to quote a funny writer) humble but accurate opinion.

P.P.P.S -- I just read this email. I blame the coffee. Plus I'm out of Ambien. Also, this email has a self-destruct mechanism. But it's triggered only manually. So you'll have to do it. I believe in you. Do it now ...

P.P.P ... Oh, screw it. Signed anonymous, but you know who I am, even if I don't.