Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Schedule

I've been doing weekly restaurant reviews for 18 months, mainly during a time between writing projects. Now I'm back in the saddle with a project and can't afford as much time for blogging. So, I'll be cutting back to monthly reviews, plus the occasional guest review.

Reviews will post on the first Sunday of the month, and will vary between written and podcasts. By the way, I'd be interested to know your preferences between written and audio reviews. Give me feedback via email or comments.

Guest reviews will post on the third Sunday. If you don't use an RSS reader to check blogs, you should consider it. It's waaaay more convenient. Check Google Reader. It's the one I use. Really simple.

However, to avoid the national pandemonium that would otherwise doubtlessly erupt when the news hits the streets that a weekly Whittington fix is no longer available, I'm resuscitating an old project. From 1992-95 I posted a list of what I was reading each year on my website, with acerbic comments. (Yes, I've been on the web that long. Since the late 80s, actually.)

Now that blogging has come along, it's more convenient to update the list more frequently. So, as I work my way down my stack of to-be-read books, I'll post my comments and ratings on it. You can use it as a list of books to read. Or books to avoid, depending on how closely your tastes reflect mine.

For the Wunderfool Reading List I'll be re-using the Wunderfool Blog, since its former content has been migrated to StupidInternetTricks.com.

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