Saturday, May 24, 2008

Acme Cafe

Killer Krab Kakes in Llano


This just in from the It's A Small World After All department. While doing market research, I came across this mention of the Fred books and discovered that one of the Fred gang owns The Acme Cafe in Llano, Texas, which is just 60 miles down the road from Casa Wunderfool. When I also learned that the Texas Proud Festival was in full swing, I packed The Woman into the car and drove into the sunset. (Note to self: Start earlier next time.)

We pulled into town around 6 pm, booked a room, and grabbed dinner at Llaneaux Seafood House. (Very good, but another story for another day. However, be it known that when it comes to quality eateries, the citizens of Llano have an embarrassment of riches.)

After a night of revelry, we busted out bright and early at 10 am the next morning and headed to the courthouse for the festival. A quick tour of the tents and a few purchases satisfied our need for commerce, so we stepped across the street to the Acme Cafe for a cuppa and Fredonian reunion.

Maurie Kay's father led the music at my father's church in Fred. However, since she was in kindergarten when I graduated high school, we didn't exactly hang out together.

But now that I've tasted the world famous Maurie Kay crab cakes, I plan to make up for lost time. These things are the best crab cakes I've had. To start off with, they're goodly sized things, about the size of a Skoal can and close to two inches tall. But the main point is they taste GREAT! And the sauce that comes with it is also very good. I didn't ask her what was in it, I just kept eating it. And you can try it too, even if you can't zip over to Llano. They're now available via mail order. Ha!

It's been over 30 years since I've crossed paths with the Battle fambly, not counting my father's funeral, when we didn't have time to visit, so the first order of business was catching up. We chatted over coffee and tea and then, when her folks showed up, we had lunch.

The Woman and I started off with the crab cakes, one each, which was a pretty good amount of food when you finish off the salad, which is included. We were going to split a Courthouse Special sandwich (mesquite smoked turkey, smoked ham, American & Swiss, onions, black olives, spicy mustard & mayo) but we ended up splitting one half of the sandwich and taking the other half home, where I had it for supper. Excellent sandwich, both times!

They make everything from scratch, including the dressings for the salads. Maurie had the tomato basil soup and it looked great. I think I'll try that next time. And there will be a next time, guarranteed.

After lunch we caravaned to the Battle estate for more conversation and general hilarity. It's not often you get to visit with somebody from Fred. Just think, when was the last time you got the chance? Hmm?


Nancy1340 said...

Brad, thanks for the wonderful review of the Acme Cafe. Being a motorcycle babe I am always looking for a place to ride to eat. Now that you have backed Bugs up I know that FTWB (Frank the wonder boy) and I will have to take a weekend and head for the hills.

Anonymous said...

Real nice reads and eats gig you've got going here.

Anonymous said...

I once knew a guy from Fred. He and I used to read the same books and then discuss them over lunch. Speaking of lunch, were there any anvils there at the Acme Cafe? I picture Wile E. Coyote setting up an elaborate trap near the buffet table there (is there a buffet table there?)for the Road Runner to evade once again. Actually, I don't. But I did think of an anvil.

Brad Whittington said...

Anonymous? You bring that and the best you can do is Anonymous? More like Anonymouse! Ha!

Stand and deliver!

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