Sunday, April 06, 2008

Salt Lick

Last month The Woman and I decided to cruise around the country on the weekend and just chill. Our agenda included stuff we both like, some things more than others for some participants. For example, lunch at Salt Lick was a no-brainer. Taking in a movie in the evening (Smart People), likewise.

Shopping at the outlet stores in San Marcos, not so much. For me, that is. For the Woman, it was the perfect Saturday. And I must admit, she scored some terrific deals. Like a glider ottoman for $40 to match the glider rocker she picked up at a garage sale that morning for $10. That's The Woman for you. Ends up with a $50 set that would cost $500+ if you bought it retail.

Out in Driftwood, Tx, Salt Lick is a bit of a drive. Despite the fact that it's out in the country, you hit a traffic jam as soon as you near the entrance. We got there around 2 PM and came to a standstill out on FM 1826 in a line of cars turning into the place. They have signs telling you not to stop to drop people off at the front, and folks directing traffic to make sure you don't. Even with nobody stopping to block the flow, the traffic backs up on the highway.

We've been to Salt Lick several times and it's always been packed, every time. Sometimes we've waited out on the outdoor tables for 20 minutes or so (when we had a large party), and other times we've gone right in and got a table immediately (when it was just the two of us). But regardless of our wait time, there are people everywhere.

The menu is as basic as it can get and fits easily on a single page. BBQ. Brisket, pork ribs, chicken, turkey and sausage. And the stuff you normally eat with BBQ: potato salad, cole slaw, beans, pickles and onions. Plus pecan pie and peach cobbler. Iced tea, coffee and sodas. It's a BYOB place and you see lots of folks with coolers.

One word on the tea/water. It comes from their own well and it has a very strong mineral taste. If that's not to your liking, stick with the sodas (of course, there's always the ice) or to what you bring for yourself.

Salt Lick is a cash-only joint. No credit/debit cards. They have an ATM handy if you forget.

Salt Lick has been an Austin-area icon since it opened in the summer of love, 1969. And now there's a location in the Austin airport, along with other iconic Austin eateries like Waterloo Ice House, Austin Java, Amy's Ice Cream, Matt's Famous El Rancho, Mangia Pizza and Schlotzskys.

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