Sunday, July 09, 2006

Common Grounds Cyber Cafe

Free WiFi, good coffee. Do you need another reason?

Location: 1601 17th St, Denver, 80202
Phone: 303-296-9248

When you're on the road, free WiFi with plenty of AC hookups is what it is all about. And if you're in Downtown Denver, Common Grounds Cyber Cafe is the place. At the NE corner of Wazee and 17th, it's just a block from the 16th street mall and the free bus. The old-town Denver feel is alive and well inside the red brick building, with wood everywhere -- wood tables, wood chairs, wood bookshelves, old upright piano, worn wooden floors. Pendant glass/pewter lighting is mixed with track spotlights.

The music is not background; there are posters for various concerts and band appearances plastered all along the front windows. Framed photos and art fill the walls. The typical coffee shop fare is available, plus some pre-packaged sandwiches, which is what I had for lunch. $7 for sandwich and coffee and I sucked up their wireless for 5 hours. Could have stayed longer, but I had to get to a meeting.

I found it through If you're headed somewhere with a laptop, I recommend going to this site before you leave and saving the appropriate page to your desktop. I've used it all over the US to get free internet connectivity.


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Heather Diane Tipton said...

man... just spent a week in Rockport. The only place in town with a hotspot is this one coffee shop (Starbucks there doesn't even have one.) I figured I would go every day and get some work done. They were CLOSED because they got flooded....... a week with no internet! okay there is no point to this comment. LOL

Great pic of you and Siri!