Sunday, October 15, 2006


Where dead animal heads watch you eat.


When it comes to this family, you can count on weirdness in general. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that there was a gig the night before the wedding and the bachelor party happened the night before the first anniversary. Yep.

It started with dinner at McClintocks. Right on 101/PCH overlooking Shell Beach and Pismo Beach and just a 5 minute walk from the love nest.

As you can see from the menu, McClintocks is about steak, ranging from $24 for the 10 oz sirloin to $35 for the 24 oz Porterhouse. Probably some of the best steaks you've ever got yourself outside of. (I went with the filet. You only have a belated bachelor party once, you know!) You can also avail yourself of ribs, lobster, pork chops, calamari, salmon, halibut, shrimp, swordfish, chicken and burgers. It's pretty much a carnivore extravaganza.

The nice thing is that with every dinner you also get Onion Rings, Salsa, Salad (Fresh Spinach, Tossed Green, or Caesar), Trail Camp Beans, Garlic Bread, Ranch Fried Potatoes and After Dinner Liqueur or Sherbert or Ice Cream thrown in. Makes it easy to order. Once you narrow it down to which dead animal you want to eat, that is. And no matter what you order, there's no danger of walking away hungry -- you get refills on the rings, beans, bread and taters.

The waiters walk around, refilling your water glass while holding the pitcher about a foot above your head. The good ones don't even get a drop on the table cloth. It was a great evening, a dozen young turks and two old geezers chomping down on stellar viands, followed by cigars and scotch and a lie-swapping contest at the home of one of the turks.

And that would have been enough, by its own self, but it wasn't all. Because we're Americans and don't know when to stop, we also did breakfast at the San Luis Obispo location. And that's when you really run into a dilemma. The variety and quantity of options available make you wish you had studied the menu the night before. Although that wouldn't have helped you because in addition to the menu, there were specials on the chalk board and other specials on wooden plaques on various walls between the dead animal heads. You really had to be alert to catch it all. I will resist listing all the interesting items, but there are half-a-dozen specialties and about a dozen omlettes to choose from, plus typical combos of eggs, toast, bacon, ham and sausage. Not to mention the hot cakes, biscuits and gravy (I hated to miss those, but a man can eat only so much), french toast and belgian waffles. The coffee is nothing to write home about, but it is servicable.

I'm thinking perhaps there should be an annual bachelor party. Doncha think?


kelly said...

that's rhetorical, ain't it?

Brad Whittington said...

What if it wasn't?

kelly said...

I don't think it would matter to me- a girl==univited to bachelor parties since the beginning of my gender :)

kelly said...

~~~ unless of course . . . well, I guess you know under which circumstances a woman would be found at one of these parties,and I've made my promises not to even JOKE about doing that anymore. . .er, I mean to even joke ANYMORE about doing that ( thought I was being a comedianne, turns out it wasn't so funny to certain husbands of mine) so - -anyway, - my point is, the question, if not rhetorical, still cannot be answered by me. I will need to find other reasons to a.) travel to CA b.) eat at this loction c.) resist the urge to ask probing questions about certain Turkey Delicasies served under yon roof

Brad Whittington said...

Well, there is that. For clarification, no women at this bachelor party, so you will have to find another reason to eat at McClintocks.

Regarding the turkey delicacies, I noticed that on the website but didn't notice them on the menu, so I can't comment on the flavor or quality. Perhaps next time.