Sunday, April 29, 2007

El Charrito - Guest Review

Holy Tortillas Batman!


Best Kept Secret in Georgetown, insofar as Mexican Restaurants, of which there are many, are concerned

Location: 302 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

by Blake Atwood

It's not every day that you get to meet Jesus face to face, at least in this life. Should you ever happen to visit Georgetown, TX (north of Austin) and would like to see Jesus, go to El Charrito, an excellent, family-owned, locally-run Mexican restaurant located close to the downtown area.

My wife first met Jesus in high school. She converted me - I found Jesus - in college. We've been happily married ever since. Coincidence? I think not.

Jesus ('hay-sus') typically works the walk-up window in the mornings, offering the most delicious assortment of cheap breakfast tacos and Mexican breakfast dishes this side of the Pecos. With prices in the $1-$2 range, you can't go wrong buying as much as possible and being that guy or gal who walks into the office carrying the welcoming (and possibly raise-inducing) aroma of a mountain of breakfast tacos. Jesus seduces you with breakfast tacos until you're ready to take the fateful steps into their cozy restaurant.

El Charrito is small, so a short wait occurs sometimes, but not often. It's size is also a luxury, as the low number of waiters and waitresses makes it feel like you're visiting family, albeit the family that mostly speaks Spanish. Fortunately, I have a fluent wife. With as many visits as we make, typically once a week, if not more, they know what we like before we even order.

I constantly waver between chicken quesadillas and the Charrito Supreme: nachos with beans, cheese, and jalapenos, more cheese in melted form, a taco, two chicken flautas, and half a chicken quesadilla. (FYI: as a younger person than Mr. Brad, I can still partake of the culinary delights known as queso and most anything fried. Yes, I will pay for it one day, but, in the meantime, let me reference my friend Solomon). Suffice to say that if I can vacillate between two appetizer plates that their main entrees are just as, if not more-so, enticing than any Mexican food you've ever had. Well, maybe not ever, but at least within the last year, and definitely within the confines of Georgetown.

A few new entrees have made it onto their menu. I have yet to pry myself away from my normal routine in order to try the fish tacos, but it's going to happen soon.

My wife constantly orders the fajitas for one, sometimes chicken, sometimes beef, sometimes both. The meat is brought on a steaming hot pan. I'll almost always eat the platter of seared onion pieces that makes for the soft, succulent meat bed. And yes, I just said "meat bed." Make of that what you will.

Two televisions provide one of two things: soccer or telenovelas. Since I wouldn't be able to understand them even with the sound on, they are a nice visual distraction and a reminder to look up every now and then from gorging myself on the various cheeses, sour cream, tortillas, chicken, and what-not that beckons me to dine with nary a breath or fully-chewed swallow.

With a recent remodeling, El Charrito keeps growing into what we already know it is: a perfect place for perfect Mexican food.

And yes, Jesus still works there. And no, his face does not appear on the tortillas.

As far as I know.

His mom's might though.

Addendum: The above was written weeks ago. Since then, I've had an incident that took place at El Charrito. My car died in a prime parking spot in front of their walk-up window on a Saturday morning, their busiest time. The transmission was shot. I asked if I could leave it there until the next day. I felt bad about taking that prime spot, but the guys that work there were very kind and allowed me to keep it there until I could get it towed. There is much to be said for a delicious restaurant run by caring people.


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