Sunday, April 08, 2007

Iguana Grill

Mexican food with a view


OK, so yeah, it is a Tex-Mex place. And yeah, I’ve reviewed a half dozen already. But this is different. It’s the Tex-Mex place with a view. And not only that, the food is pretty good.

Let’s face it, you don’t turn to the bride of your youth and say, “Hey, old trouble and strife, I’m jonesing for some haute cuisine. Let’s don the nosebag at yon Tex-Mex beanery.” [Actually, nobody would ever say that, as it cobbles together the argot of 4 or 5 different cultures. Plus, the trouble and strife might bat you upside the head with a stuffed eelskin.] No, Tex-Mex isn't about fine dining. It's about waddling away afterward for a siesta of the sated.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the thing about the Iguana is the view. You go at sunset, sit out on the veranda, watch the sun sink into the lake, listen to the band and sip the beverage of your choice. At that point do you really care what you order? Oh, you do? Well, then, relax – you’re at the Iguana Grill.

They call the food Upscale Mexican a.k.a. Lake Mex. And so it is, both upscale and lake. In addition to the usual options, you can enjoy the Especialidades:
  • Camarones a La Plancha (grilled shrimp with a red chile barbeque sauce)
  • Enchiladas de Espinaca y hongos (spinach and mushroom enchiladas with a mild poblano cream sauce)
  • Enchiladas Suisas con Camarones (seasoned shrimp stuffed enchiladas topped with a rich sour cream sauce)
  • Enchiladas de Pollo con Mole (chicken enchiladas served with a traditionally rich sauce of Mexican Chiles, toasted seeds and nuts and a hint of chocolate)
  • Rainbow Trout Vera Cruz (grilled and topped with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, onions and olives)
  • Chile Montado (batter-dipped poblano chile on top of beef picadillo and rice, topped with zesty ranchero and melted cheese)
OK, so you probably won't lose any weight going to the Iguana, but you can always do a few laps across the lake.


kelly said...

I 'll take the Enchiladas de Espinaca y hongos, please

nice view

CeCe Lane said...

I love Mexican food. Yum. I'm not sure though I could eat iguana. I'm thinking that might not be so good. My sister had one for a pet once, good ol' iggy.

Brad Whittington said...

Well, I don't think they actually serve iguana. But it's Texas. I could be wrong about that.